Compass Prose EP

by Maps Of Cartographers

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Our first EP!


released May 29, 2011

Keith Pidgeon
Shannon Stott



all rights reserved


Maps Of Cartographers Plattsburgh

What started as a series of unstructured jam sessions turned into a dedicated co-ed songwriting duo. The band is currently situated in Plattsburgh and has written and recorded two albums in their apartment.

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Track Name: Montreal
Capital letters all shining in gold
As snow flakes fall we hold hands in the cold
Our city in twilight when our turn arrives
Out on the rink where our feet start to fly

We'll stop at a cafe en route back to home
A cup of hot cocoa will warm up our bones
Maybe the snow will erase all our tracks
Then we'll be free we won't have to go back

Let's share the world's small light
In your hands, hold it tight
The starless sky shines for us
In Montreal, our wanderlust

Huddled around this warm fire tonight
I just want to kiss you, the time isn't right
I pull you real close, my head falls on your chest
I'll wipe all your tears, let's hope for the best
Track Name: Answers In the Tea
Vines are climbing 'cross the shingles to snare the children if they fall
She's sitting inside sipping tea, outside Timmy drops his ball
Mama watches out the window, sees the ball drop from the Western sky
Lips to her mug, wonders when he's comin'
Searchin' for answers in the tea

Takin' breaths deep and slow as the kids rush inside
Mama, where is Papa?
Hush now, babies, don't you cry

Mama watches out the window, sees the stars rise in the moon lit sky
She starts to simmer water, she is her mother's daughter
Searchin' for answers in the tea
Track Name: John the Bastard
Only dogs can hear you
Only fish can understand your words
Your paper bullets of the brain
Lose one dimension, try again
Just try again

Forget the boat and all this jagged salt
This Atlantic is no longer your fault
Can't drown yourself, you scurvy dog
There's a solution, just close your eyes and stop

Will you drink all the water in the world
Just to help us find our way from the ocean back to the burning sun?
Go find a bottle, slip in a rum-stained page
Scrawled across so we can never have our fun
Track Name: The Canary
There are bound to be diamonds in this mine here
said the bird to his wife
my feathers are frayed now, but don't be afraid
they cannot slow my flight

I'll fly for you tonight

so they dig
and they dig
and they dig to the bottom
and they dig
and they dig
and they forget all their problems

never mind

when they arrive there, they find that it's hard to fly
there's dirt on their wings and it's clipping their wingspans
it penetrates their eyes
you will not see them cry

you don't have to be royalty to see
there are no diamonds for canaries
quite contrary
the reality's scary
they dig and they dig but they won't be merry
sifting through rocks
with their fingers
they forget they've still got wings but
there's nothing to see, they're fine
Track Name: Mirror
Thumbtacks on the walls hold up my memories of you
Mercury on the door reflecting everything I see, seems to me

We're all just waiting to see the cradle fall
What a most unfortunate turn of events
Turns out the mess is what we want
We won't be settling for less

Mirror on the floor somehow you're prettier to me, can't you see?
Pushpins punctuate the air, I broke the wall and I don't care, please don't stare


Don't let the green god know you're more than willing
Don't let the green god know you're earning a killing

Out there where it all falls down
You can't stop haunting this ghost town
The stoplights blinking, you can't catch the wind.